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A Reader's Guide to William Gaddis's The Recognitions


I.6 Synopsis

Pages 202-21; December 1949

Otto wakes the next morning in his apartment to the sound of Verdi's Ada, then goes to Esme's apartment. She will not let him in, saying she has just awakened and must take a bath, so Otto goes to a nearby drugstore for coffee. Upon returning he receives two setbacks: Esme does not remember his taking her home the night before, and Otto learns he has a rival in the seedy person of Chaby Sinisterra, Frank Sinisterra's son. The three go out for breakfast, where they run into Stanley. Otto spends a pointless afternoon; he returns later to Esme and they make love. Afterward both dream of Wyatt, and upon awakening Esme leaves to go see him.


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