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Part I

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Part III
III.1 Synopsis
pp. 723-732
III.2 Synopsis
pp. 733-768
III.3 Synopsis
pp. 769-791
pp. 792-823
III.4 Synopsis
pp. 824-855
III.5 Synopsis
pp. 856-878
pp. 879-900
Epilogue Synopsis
pp. 901-937
pp. 938-956

A Reader's Guide to William Gaddis's The Recognitions


III.1 Synopsis

Pages 723-32; January 1950.

In this brief chapter we learn that Otto, having fled the United States with his counterfeit money, has returned to Central America. This time he does indeed witness a revolution and, after being knocked unconscious by a falling horse, develops Ménière's syndrome - such, at any rate, is the diagnosis of Dr. Fell, the same physician who had maltreated Wyatt many years before. Disoriented and sporting a sling for a real broken arm, Otto now calls himself Gordon (after the Byronic hero of his play).


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