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Washington University Libraries Modern Literature Collection
William Gaddis Papers
Gaddis's carefully assembled and stored archives of manuscripts, notes, and other writings and files, plus his library, have been acquired by Washington University.

The Gaddis-l discussion list
An international group of about 200 Gaddis readers, scholars, and fans, discussing various aspects and ramifications of his work, conducting group readings from time to time, and waiting for Agapé Agape to appear.

clip from video interview

William Gaddis interview with Malcolm Bradbury
Writers Talk:  Ideas of our Times
The Roland Collection of Videos & Films on Art
A 32-minute conversation taped in 1986, available for viewing on line or for VHS purchase, on "time and place in the novel, political and cultural climate of contemporary America, the novel as entertainment and moral test, and religion."

Steven Moore and John Kuehl :  1982
Interview with William Gaddis
from The Dalkey Archive Press 
One of Gaddis's rare interviews.

The William Gaddis page at
The Modern Word's 

Principally a substantial essay by Tim Conley on the occasion of Gaddis's death, the page is part of the Modern Word's Scriptorium, "one of the major sections of the Libyrinth, an index of author pages detailing writers who have pushed the edges of their medium, combining literary talent with a sense of experimentation to produce some remarkable works of modern literature."  The entire site is worth a thorough browse.

An interesting idiosyncratic site:
William Gaddis
by Alan Westrope, containing notably the complete text of Fire the Bastards!, and a chronology of the Wanda Tinasky-Thomas Pynchon-William Gaddis urban legend, plus a memoir by John Sherry and links to German and French Gaddis sites. Several links are broken, alas.

German Gaddis web pages

William Gaddis
New York State Writer
A brief biography with quotations from The Recognitions and J R, and a brief bibliography, in honor of Gaddis's appointment to this position.

Julian Schnabel, Bill Gaddis, 1987, oil, plates and bondo on wood, 48" x 60"

Julian Schnabel
Portrait of Gaddis
a Village friend, illustrating an article on Schnabel's work by Donald Kuspit.  Schnabel also did a series of Recognitions paintings, not yet found on the web.
Please let me know if you find them.

Sheri Martinelli
on this site, with links

Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
The Passing of Anatole Broyard
a chapter from Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Black Man (New York: Random House, 1997, pp. 180-214) which quotes Gaddis on this Village friend, on whom the character Max in The Recognitions is partially based..

A band from Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A.
"We sound like a Gaddis book reads."
Two audio clips are available: "Wyatt" and "Clutter," the latter inspired by JR.

The Gaddis Fiction-to-Music Entelechy Transducer
Gaddis Ficto-Muse
by Gregg Williard

HyperArts Pynchon Pages

A writer constantly associated with Gaddis,
whether reasonably or not, is
Thomas Pynchon
and this is an excellent site about him, with guides to
V., Gravity's Rainbow, and Mason & Dixon, plus much else
of interest to Pynchonites.
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